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Mar. 29th, 2011

Today I unloaded even more boxes. God, am I tired of boxes! On the other hand, I also cleaned and did a load of laundry, but I should have cleaned more and done a second (or third) load. Right now, Munchkin is being adorable, and I have inspiration. I really wish that I knew where my notebook was! But since I don't, I'm working on fanfiction, like three at one time. I get bored with one, and I move to another. It keeps the words coming so I'm having fun. The only thing that would make this any better is if I could find a way to write and dread at the same time. Too bad that I have no way to do that. Maybe when I get to the other side, God'll give me the ability. How awesome that would be! Being able to read and write at the same time.

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Main Character Issues

I am having difficulty getting my main character right. At first, she was too sarcastic and strong. Now she's too scared and weak. Arg! Why can't she just be perfect already? Yes, eventually, she turns into strong woman of awesome, but right now, she has a few demons (literally and metaphorically) coming after her. She needs to feel like she's a little cornered and scared without becoming pathetic. Why am I having such problems with this?

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Human Clairvoyance, Chapter One, Part One

I've decided to start posting this story on here by chapter in episode format as I complete them. Of course they will be LiveJournal Cut, and any comments would be welcomed.

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This year's Christmas hall

* All three POTC (which I love)
* Assassin's Creed II (which I can't play until I get the first one)
* 2 copies of Sims 3 World Adventures (one of which I have to return)
* DnD Player's Handbook 2 4th edition (which I can't use until I find some people to play with)
* A mini digital photo frame (which doesn't work with my computer)
* PoTC At World's End videogame for PC (which I already have to xBox and doesn't work with my computer)
* A candle (that will be gone in a couple of months tops)
* A pot (which won't be necessary until I move out on my own)
* and two bowls (that are ugly and are too small for me to use for anything other than soup but I don't think they can go into the microwave)

At least, my dog loves his present. The only time he hasn't been chewing on it is when he's been outside.
So Mass Effect 2 is coming out January 26th, and just from watching the various previews, I believe that I'm going to be addicted to this game for weeks, if not more. It looks amazing, but my biggest question isn't being answered. Where's Kaiden? Apparently, the makers of the game think that enough people want to know this information that it would be in the best interest of selling the game to keep it a secret.

Personally, no matter what, I'm getting the game, and the dread that Kaiden needs help is killing me. Though I know a little about the story line, for the rest of you I'm not going into it, but I have to say that it doesn't make any sense to me. Could someone (if anyone else figures it out) please help me understand it.

Okay, just because I thought it was highly amusing, I'm posting a link to this "Mass Effest in 5 Minutes" video. I think it's hilarious; beware, it has spoilers. xbox360.ign.com/dor/objects/14235013/mass-effect-2/videos/masseffect_in5min_spc_121509.htm

In other news, I got a job working as a sales person for USA Discounters. It's a furniture/electronics/jewelery store that works mostly by helping the person buy on credit, even if they have low credit. Most of their adds are military focused. Though I'm a little concerned about having to meet a quota, a job is a job, I guess.

That's all for the Keli-update, and I'm starting to wonder if I should go ahead and take off a couple of days around the 26th or save them for my birthday? Still don't know what I'll chose.

The younger generations are crazy.

I now have a total of four dear frieands two to three years younger than me pregnant to various stages. Four. Thankfully most of them are engaged and one of them is married even if it is to a man she's know for less than a year. For the record, I am too young to be having children; those that are younger than me having children (especially this many) is folly. Has the younger generations forgot how to use condoms or to take a pill once a day? Just wondering.

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It's always something

This is something that I've been working on for the last couple of days, and I wanted to get some feedback on it. I just put the first little section up right now, but I can put more up if y'all would like. The title is temporary until I think of something else.

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But to me, just another good reason to not leave the house and to work on fanfiction instead. The worse that happened at my house was that part of our fence is not missing, and by missing, I mean fallen. Nothing that some wood, nails, and a hammer won't fix; unfortunately, it will probably end up being my responsibility to fix. *Enter joke about me being the only one that knows how to use power tools properly.*

My step-father's uncle, however, didn't fair so well. At high tide on Thursday, there was a foot of water in his house. Though his neighbor let him stay at his house, he couldn't leave until the next day at seven o'clock at night. My step-father had the luck to show up just before the main part of the flooding and had to stay there with him all night, without heat. *laughs at step-father's misfortune*

Now, two of my step-father's brothers have come down from Ohio to "help clean up the house," but my mother and I both know that they're just here to party. To add to that, they thought it would be a good idea to come down in a Hummer. Personally, I think it would have been cheeper to fly down then rent a Hummer than to pay for the gas to drive it down, but I wouldn't count most of my step-father's family of being smart.

In other news, this last episode from Numb3rs went from the worst thing that the writers could ever do to the best episode ever. I'm not joking. If anyone is a Numb3rs fan, you will want to watch the episode. I'm not sure what the episode title is though...

Mus were created by my dearest friend, JD. I just happened to have found mine and wanted to procrastinate from doing homework.

1. Unlike cats, they don't attack with sharp claws and teeth in the middle of the night if you accidentally kick them.
2. Unlike dogs, they don't take up half the bed and leave you curled up in a ball just because there isn't enough room.
3. They can be used on planes as a pillow.
4. They can be used anywhere as a pillow.
5. Since they aren't really alive, you don't have to feed or water them.
6. Since you don't have to feed or water them, you don't have to clean up what happens later.
7. You can throw them at people when they are doing something stupid and you don't want to get up to stop them.
8. When you throw them at people when they are doing something stupid and you don't want to get up to stop them, they don't actually hurt the person so you don't have to take them to the hospital.
9. They are big enough that they aren't significantly easy to lose.
10. Even though they are big enough that they aren't significantly easy to lose, they aren't too big to stuff in a purse.

Awesome class = awesome

So I'm in this class about lesson plans and stuff. It's the first class I've had that had something to do with teaching that was something other than about development or psychology. GOD, I didn't know who much I hated/sucked at psychology before these classes. This one is interesting though. I has an interesting subject matter and has a nice teacher. I also like my classmates as a whole and have a really good team for my teamwork assignments.